with "Krazy Joe", Dave Perillo, and Hot John

27 Mar March

"Krazy Joe", Bob Trate & Hot John are back again in the looooongest episode of MegaPodzilla EVER!


This week we are joined by Marty Schiff!


 photo martyschiff_zps5bu5x1ytjpg


Marty played the role for Hern Burford on Out of Control, the first original series ever created for Nickelodeon waaaaay back in 1984!



 photo outofcontrol_zpskcichgpsjpg


 photo Dave-Coulier-Out-of-Control-full-house-32852408-1026-768_zpszxvrrgdkjpg



This week the Prediction Network looks at Kong: Skull Island.


 photo Kong-Skull-Island-Poster_zpsxybuqom3jpg



We also discuss the recently released trailers for Deadpool 2 and Disney XD's reboot of DuckTales!





We also discuss Disney's plans for a new Tron film starring Jared Leto.


We give a big HIGH FIVE to Fox's Logan!


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