with "Krazy Joe", Dave Perillo, and Hot John

28 Mar March

"Krazy Joe", Christine, Bob Trate & Hot John are back again!


This week we are joined by YouTube's Jacob the Carpetbagger



 photo carpetbagger_zpsp9dxxxxsjpg


Jacob travels around the South exploring weird roadside attractions, abandoned places, and interesting museums and oddities.

Check out this recent video from Jacob where he visited a Lunchbox museum. (This is one of my favorites!)

This week the PREDICTION NETWORK looks at the new trailers for Wonder Woman and American Gods. We also discuss the fact that Warner Bros. has pushed back the release of the Aquaman movie.

"Krazy Joe" gives a HIGH FIVE to Kong: Skull Island

And Bob Trate puts Disney's live action Beauty & the Beast on the DAMAGE REPORT.

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