with "Krazy Joe", Bob Trate, and Hot John


  • "Krazy Joe" Fiore

    "Krazy Joe" is married with one daughter and one step daughter. He lives in Montgomery County, PA - right outside of Philadelphia. "Krazy Joe" has been a podcaster since 2007, when he joined the cast of the popular podcast and Sirius/XM radio show, Slice of SciFi. Joe was with Slice of SciFi for a year before moving from Arizona to Pennsylvania and launching MegaPodzilla with former co-host, Dave Perillo. "Krazy Joe" is a SciFi and movie geek. His all time favorite media franchise is Star Trek, his favorite superhero is Booster Gold, and if you make a bad movie he'll punch you in the junk.

  • Bob Trate

    Bob is the former News Editor for Mania.com. In his career, he has made Doctor Who giggle, asked Ahsoka Tano what underwear she was wearing, spoke with a Raptor from Jurassic Park, and is a Jedi Knight. Follow Robert here on Twitter.com/themovielord for everything.

  • Hot John Miller

    Hot John MillerSubject:#21879John has been classified as a mostly organic life model of Abraham Lincoln. He was granted true life after saving Carrot Top from being lynched after a botched prop gag. He regretted his decision so much that a fairy blessed him with the ability to create humor out of thin air and bad decisions.John received a horrible education as a graphic artist at the Art Institute of Philly- and has since denied it.Many things have been said about Hot John,"He's very punctual.""He stole my dog.""John is banned from this store until he learns how to wear pants"John has never won an award, but he has given out twenty-seven of his "good work douchebag" accolades to aspiring mouth-breathers in the Philly area.He smells of success, despair and rich mahogany- lies to cats, and loves pudding.If you don't love him you're a stupid dumb face.